Saturday, July 5, 2008

On the way to South Africa

On the way to South Africa

We talked to Katie in a short phone call yesterday...

She wanted to thank everyone who is praying for her, and knows how important all of you are to the successful outcome of this journey and mission.

She was extremely excited about the weeks she has been spending in Zambia. Apparently they had just finished running a "camp" for the orphans they went to work with. She said her experience working at the Christian camp, Pine Cove, here in the Tyler area had come in very handy.

The big event for today... she and her time board a plane and head for South Africa! Once in Jo-Berg, she will be working with Rich and Michelle Franzen from Impact Africa

South Africa is a country like few others in Africa. It is a mix of extreme poverty

vs. maybe the most westernized society on the continent.

Katie will be visiting several shanty towns that are home to 10's of thousands and sometimes 100's of thousands of people. Disease is rampant. Poverty seemingly inescapable. She will be spending a lot of days serving, reaching, and relating to the people who live in these huge squatter villages.

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