Sunday, December 4, 2011

Dear Family and Friends,

I can’t fully put into words the wonderful works of Jesus Christ that have happened in my life this past year. I am so blessed to have strong God fearing people around me. It is because of how God has used all of you that I have been able to serve and see God move in amazing and powerful ways.

A quick overview of 2011 so far: I have gone on a missions trip to Honduras, spent the Summer working at Pine Cove camps, and been able to love families all over Texas. I have seen and done things that have encouraged me tremendously.

In January I spent 12 days in Honduras, helping trine leaders in a Christian Camp. I saw the Holy Spirit work so powerfully. I saw God work in big and mighty ways.

God has been placing me in camp ministry for some time now. At camps in Tyler, Zambia, and Honduras. God is continually putting me at international camps. I believe this may continue to come up again in my future.

I spent the summer serving/working at Pine Cove Camps. I have been over blessed to work there! I was serving. I was sharing. But the fact is I met so many families and staff that taught me so much. The staff and families who came to camp tought me so many different things such as, giving up everything for others and running after Christ every moment. Things I have grown up knowing but seeing them in such a real way was a blessing. Each of the staff and families that came to camp and worked at Pine cove but in the end they wound up blessing me.

Another note: Africa keeps coming up in my life!! It has such a strong pull on my heart. While I have not been traveling there, every summer I have worked at Pine Cove camps Africans have come as campers. Last summer there was one African family that came to camp I became close to, this summer there were three African families and four African missionary families. So I know God is using Africa in my life and not just in Africa.

Whether it’s Camp Hope in Zambia, Pine Cove Camp in East Texas or Camp in Central America… He is orchestrating and conducting my life all over the world.

And, now I have the opportunity, this coming January, to return to Honduras to continue the work God is doing there. This will be a continuing effort through Pine Cove and Christian Camping International to develop Camp Honduras. This is year two of three of training the Honduran people on how to run the camp and partner with them at discovering culturally appropriate ways to bring the gospel to kids through camping. I am asking for your partnership and support to help me, help them preach this goal to their community. The cost for this trip is $2400. You can make your checks out to Pine Cove.

I ask for you prayers and support, as the team is fundraising and preparing:


1. That the team will be listening to God in all we do concerning the trip.

2. That we would start being unified.

3. That the Lord would shine through all we do.

4. That His name would be made known!

Thank you all so much for all your help over the years! I am blessed that you have come along side me in following the call of the Lord to go and love the people the world!!


Katie Rittenhouse

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