Saturday, January 14, 2012

God's Promises

This trip to Honduras has been a roller costar ride of the Lord telling me His promises and me watching them play out. As you all know the Lord has built in me an unshaken passion to go to the world and share the love and hope of Jesus. This trip to Honduras has been a sweet blessing because God has made promises to me and I have watched Him fulfill those promises.

I felt the call to fill out an application for the 2012 trip to Honduras with Pine Cove… so I followed that call. One day when I was working at camp (as a health transport) I stopped at the office to load more minutes on my camp phone. I know the Lord put me there because when I was in the office Elizabeth (the trip leader) was writing “accept” letters for the trip. I was about to leave the office when Elizabeth turned to me and asked me why I did not apply for the trip? I looked at her baffled because I put the application in her mailbox days before the deadline. I told her that I had already put it in her mailbox. She looked around the room but could not find it so she had me fill out a second application. Then, she gave me an accept letter right there on the spot.

Then there was Fund Raising. Wow God is good!!! I needed to have $1600 in by the December and I found that deadline sneaking up on me. The day came to have the money in and I did not have the need funds. So I called Elizabeth and told her I could not attend the trip due to money. She told me to keep praying and that she would call me back. So we got off the phone and I was fairly confident that I would NOT get the money in time. But little did I know what God was about to do. She calls me back and tells me that she got a three-day extension to get the money. So I start praying but had no idea how I was going to get the money. It came down to the last three hours till the deadline and I still needed $1100 to go so I started calling everyone I knew asking them to pray and give if they could. In those three hours the Lord reminded me of the call on my life to go to the world and love His people and of the promise that He would make a way for me to get there. In three hours, the money came in, and I made the deadline!!! We serve a huge God!

The trip was amazing! We got there and had all our bags praise Him! The first camp we served was made up of 13-15 year olds. I was a counselor. My co-counselor Riana was so amazing! We had four sweet girls in our group. The girls told us about their home lives and how they came from extreme situations. It was a God thing how they even got to camp. Riana and I just loved on them like crazy and the last night of camp they did a heart walk where the campers were asked to look at their heart and where it was. Did they have a heart full of sin, a heart that was full of pain, a heart that was good in church but when they were with friends was full of sin, or did they have a heart desiring to follow Jesus. After the walk, all of my girls were in tears the Lord was moving in their hearts and the girls who had the hardest home lives joined the family of Jesus that night.

The second camp we had 16-18 year-olds. And, the enemy did not want them to hear the truth. Then one of the Honduran staffers Hector received a word the first night of camp saying that the Lord was going to open the heavens for us the next night. So as a team of Hondurans and Americans we prayed holding fast to the promise that the Lord made with us about opening the heavens for us. So the night came and the whole camp was at the bonfire and the truth of Jesus was shared. When you looked up in the night sky there was not one cloud above us but all around us the sky was full of clouds. The Lord opened the heavens on this camp because ALL of the campers joined the family of Jesus that night.

The whole trip, from the beginning to end, was full of His promises and God showing us ten-fold how He was filling them. He made Himself known. I believe that the Lord is starting a revival all over Honduras for His kingdom and power to be known.

Thank you all so much for your prayers without you most of the teens who were at camp would not be there because most of your money went to sending these kids to camp. Thank you and Bless you!!!

God is making Himself known!!!!!

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  1. God is Good. God is a God of covenants. Many who were in the camp as a team of advisers could see the hand of God. God continue to bless you and giving you the passion to share the love of God as redeemer.
    With Love Claudia