Sunday, June 14, 2009



One day last week our team went to the Chawama Compound (a permanent squatter camp). We were doing orphan updates to send back to the people who are sponsoring the orphans here. At one point more than 200 kids surrounded us as we were walking thru the compound. Us white kids really stuck out. Then all of a sudden they started shouting out “OLD MAN!” “OLD MAN!” The kids started running away from us… screaming. Then we see this old man… he could barely walk… he suffered from AIDS. The “mamas” were calling him names and throwing things at him. They really seemed to be upset at him. Then we saw a mentally ill man… he tore his shirt off and threw a water jug at the old man. It hit him in the arm. It really hurt him. He had to sit down. Then the mentally ill threatened to start beating the old man. But, two other guys came over stopped it all. The old man was able to walk away. Some of the kids came back to us afterward. We asked them why did you do that?? They said because he was old and sick. We told them that Jesus wouldn’t do that. That’s not how to treat people who are old and sick. They seemed to be listening to us…. We’ll see.

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