Saturday, May 12, 2012



When I was nine years old I went to Mexico with my family.  On that trip I was sitting at a work site while people from our church were building a house.  I was on a pile of dirt with some little children; we found some nails and string and crafted a cross to give to the new homeowner.  Looking back on my life this was the time I was wrecked for Missions no matter where God was going to send me.  Time went on and the chance to go to Zambia, Africa came. The Lord showed me His power in raising the money.  When I was sixteen I felt the call on my life to go and love in Africa.  I went back to Africa at seventeen this was a forever-changing trip from the second I stepped off the plane I was overwhelmed because I knew I was home. One of the hardest things I ever had to do was leave my heart in a foreign land that became my home. I had to leave the people I lost my heart to.  But God has bigger and better plans for me I am still unclear of what these are and soon enough I will know.

            This April I had the possible opportunity to go to Africa.  My heart was saying “yes,” I will go; there was nothing I would not have given up to go.  This turned out to be my humanness talking because I want to go back and be where my heart rests. However, this was not God’s plan for now.  I am staying in America.  This has been one of the hardest things I have ever been through, but I know God is teaching me to be ready to go where he calls and to wait for his timing.  It is hard to be patient when my heart is not here in the states.  God knows what I need, I am grateful that I serve a God who gives me what I need over what I want.  After all, as people, we can think something is really good but if we run before God says to go, it is not in his perfect will.  So for now I’ll wait and seek the Lord for when he wants me to go.  I may not ever get to go back to Africa, but I am ready to go wherever God wants me to go whenever this may be.  I want more then anything in the world to be in the hands of the king and love Him.  He has me exactly where He wants me. My job is just to be faithful to His call and rest in His arms; waiting for His voice to say it is time GO! 

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