Friday, January 14, 2011

Hello, World!

Hello, World!


Greetings from our Honduras-bound team! Here we are – ready to rock: Jeff, Jared, Matthew, Chance, Robbie, Tara, Daniel, Missy, Josh, Elizabeth, Maggie, Maddie, Katie.

Last night, Sunday Jan 2nd, we all met up, all but Josh (he got stuck in the Denver airport), spent time together as we trained, and were oriented to some of the things we might be exposed to. Our orientation was really beneficial, individually and as a team. The vision of our trip was cast; to equip the saints and give them vision. We’re so excited about the mission in front of us – to love on God’s people, encourage them, grow together as a body of believers, walk by the Spirit, and learn as we go. We are praying against the strategies of the enemy… like division amongst the team and a critical spirit or complaining…. And praying FOR unity, wisdom, love, to be Spirit-led, to create worship and ignite a Jesus-loving culture wherever we go. Please pray for us and the people we’ll see – at the airport, on the plane, in Honduras, everywhere!

We’ve had a lot of fun, a lot of adventure, and a lot of fun adventure already! We left Pine Cove at 9:00ish this morning (January 3rd), rode with the Towers Peru team to DFW, flew to Miami after a REALLY long delay on the runway in Dallas, made it to the gate in Miami and immediately jumped on the plane to Honduras. We have seen God’s fingerprints SO MANY times today and are HONORED and HUMBLED to be a part of His work. Miracle 1 was Missy’s aunt who came to visit at DFW, only to turn around and go get us more suitcases… because the desk at DFW told us that we weren’t allowed to bring boxes in. Ms. Aunt Susie ALSO blessed Maddie by housing her car for the next week – saving her a MAJOR about of cash – praise the Lord! Miracle 2 was how God provided for us making it to our connecting flight from Miami to Honduras. We got to the gate 45 minutes after our Honduras flight boarded… but get this: we arrived at gate 50 and our plane was boarding at gate 47…. PRAAISE THE FATHER!! We walked in, and got in line, boarded the plane, and we were off!! God is GOOD! We had a great flight to Honduras, and when we got there we realized we didn’t have luggage, and God is GOOD! We prayed for provision, Robbie talked with the airport people, and now we wait until tomorrow to see if our luggage comes in. Please pray it comes soon – things aren’t necessary but we’d love to have our bags and camp supplies ), and we’re trusting the Lord with confidence that we will have them soon.

We’re now at a really nice church in Cofradia, Honduras. We just ate a DELICIOSO meal of chicken and pepper shish-ka-bobs, beans, cheese, and guacomole – at 12:00am!! When in Honduras do as the sweet and hospitable Hondurans do, si? Si! We have been warmly welcomed and are so thankful to and for these people!! It’s off to bed now – each of us paired up and going to different host homes. Tomorrow is a new day, with camp in sight!

Thank you for praying – God is so faithful and hears your prayers – we are experiencing the blessing of your prayers and petitions on our behalf – we are SO THANKFUL!!

More soon! Love you each!

Because of JESUS alone,
team woods honduras

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