Friday, January 14, 2011

Day trip in paradise

day trip in paradise

9 Jan

Hello from a delightfully tired team! We could not be more thankful for the reasons we are tired, but tired we are… “Why?” you might ask?… because we’ve had an INCREDIBLE day… at a Honduran BEACH! There is a 2-day gap (today (Saturday) and Sunday) where camp with the kids is not going on… so our host leaders took us to the beach! As you can see below, it was entirely picturesque! We had the sweet chance to debrief the past few days of camp, invest in each other, be still before the Lord, and process some of the things we’ve experienced Him doing – in, through, and around us. Each day is a gift, and we were blown away at the scenery and sweetness of today as a gift!

While on our ‘day of rest at the beach’ , we ate a DELICIOUS lunch… tortillas, fajita-ish steak, chicken, and pork, beans, rice, and plantains…. a very common, yet delicious, meal in Honduras. After lunch we spent a little more time in the sun (and most of us are paying for it now… we might be a little more “sun-kissed” now than we were this morning…), and then we drove to San Pedro Sula to do a little souvenir shopping. After a quick stop we were on our way back to our host homes. We each ate and showered at our own homes and then met at the house were Katie and Elizabeth are staying, conveniently located across the street from Robbie, Daniel and Jeff, and around the corner from the rest of our team members’ homes. Robbie and Elizabeth met with the camp director and translator for a meeting about this upcoming week’s camp program, talked through improvements and changes from last week’s camp to this coming week, and made sure everything was in line. Afterwards we all left for a tour of Cofradia (the town where we’re staying when we’re at our host homes). We ended up driving around for about an hour and then stopping at our camp director’s quintessential home for a really sweet time of worship and prayer. This time was really pivotal for our team – God is good to provide such sweet fellowship, both among our team and with our Honduran brothers and sisters. We have truly experienced sweet together-time and rest today as we’ve been able to fellowship and reflect on God’s movement in our time here thus far.

We are really excited to do camp again with a new set of kids, this Monday through Wednesday, because we have been able to teach the Honduran team while learning from them as well, so we’re trusting the Lord for an even more fruitful time in the second go-around of camp. We are now able to encourage them on details to make camp go more smoothly, because they already have such a solid grasp on the basics of Christian camping. We have been so impressed at how much the Honduran team knows and how they lead — we have been able to learn SO MUCH from them! We have taken note of many things to add to our summer program to make it even more fun — what a gift to learn from a body of believers… in another country!

We have taken over 500 pictures thus far, and not that you need to see all of them, but please know that Elizabeth has every intention to attach a flicker picture account to this page when we get back to the US. This way you’ll be able to have a picture tour of our time. The internet is a slow connection when we have it, so uploading pictures is a bit time consuming. Yesterday the upload was quick, today it is slow.. hence no pictures (However, she will do her best to get some pictures up tomorrow… and then upload tons when we get back — for a real ‘arm chair tour’ of our time here!

Off to sleep – church in the morning! More to come soon – Sunday afternoon!
We hope you see God’s love for you in every moment of your day — we follow a VERY intentional Father, all praise and glory to HIM!

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