Friday, January 14, 2011

we"re hoooooome!!

we’re hooooome!!

13 Jan

Party in the USA!! We’re home!!

Friends and fam, glory to the Father! We’ve made it home!! We started at 9am this morning, had emotion-filled goodbyes to our new best friends in Honduras, flew to Miami, almost missed our Miami flight to DFW because we were enjoying eachother’s company so much (woops!), and made it home safely to DFW right on time… God is so good! We are a changed people by the work of the Spirit. We have tasted and seen that HE IS GOOD. We have been entrusted with SO much and have SO much to tell! We look forward to telling you personal testimony to what we have seen, what we have heard, and what we now KNOW concerning our God and Father. You have played a HUGE part in our experience and we are FOREVER thankful for YOU and the way you’ve supported us, prayed for us, and praised God with us for what He’s done and is doing.

There is much more detail to update, and that WILL happen soon.. but we just wanted to let you know that we’re back to Dallas safely! Pray for Josh as he flies back to CO tomorrow, and for the rest of the team driving back to Tyler and then home tomorrow as well.

More to come soon! We love you! Glory to the FATHER through JESUS alone!
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