Friday, January 14, 2011

Monday...Fun day!!!

Monday… fun day!!!

10 Jan

Hola familia y amigos!!

This is going to be short but nevertheless, an update! Because I know there are also list-lovers in this world, bullet-point style is the way to go tonight! In the past day…..

….we have:
1. been to church in Cofradia with our host homes. We saw a lot of our campers from session 1, which was SO sweet, and was blessed with some powerful teaching. We also got ice cream at the church after the service — on a warmer Honduran day, it was perfect!

2. experienced SWEET unity with the Honduran team. We decorated the Dining Hall Sunday night and laughed and goofed around with them as we crafted — it was SO precious to see the Holy Spirit bridge the gap of the language barrier by quick language learning and laughter — SUCH a blessing! We really do LOVE the Honduran team… it’s going to be SO hard to leave them!

3. had a birthday party for one of the women who has been cooking for us — and what other way to celebrate than a pinata!! We were AMAZED at how serious these people are about their pinata parties — watch out! They’re divin’ and swingin’ and LOVIN’ some pinatas!

4. ate dinner across the creek. Bonfire, dinner, sweet fellowship… all with the delightful sound of the bubbling brook in the background. And don’t forget the CLEAREST stars EVER!

5. got to BE stars…. yes, the Hondurans took us to their outdoor worship area, told us to close our eyes, and then broke glow sticks all over us…. we opened our eyes and we had glowing specks ALL over us — we glowed like the stars in the sky! It was one of the COOLEST experiences for us. We had the sweet opportunity to worship together with our Honduran team afterwards — we have a renewed excitement for heaven after singing the same songs side by side — english and espanol!

6. welcomed a new group of campers!!!! About 60+, 9-14yr olds are here and we are LOVING our time with them so far! We’re learning about searching for treasure that will last… and what a JOY it is to follow that treasure, to follow JESUS!!

7. drank cantaloupe juice… yes, they brought in a ton of cantaloupes and juiced them — quite the treat!

There is always more to tell, but that is all we have time for now — please be praying for Tuesday… that we will utilize EVERY minute and opportunity to love these campers and counselors well. Pray for Chance as he speaks Tuesday night to the campers — he’ll be sharing the gospel of JESUS — pray for soft hearts and that the Spirit will call people to repentance and trust in JESUS as Savior and Lord!

Thank you for praying, for your comments, and for walking with us as we follow what God has put in front of us! We LOVE you!
the woods honduras team

ps, so sorry for no pictures today — we’ve got GREAT ones… but the internet is too slow to upload… i promise you’ll see them all someday soon!! (remember that flickr album i talked about? it’s totally going to happen post-thursday!)

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