Friday, January 14, 2011

A long awaited-for update

A long awaited-for update

7 Jan

Family and friends!

We are SO SO SORRY that there has been no update… we have no internet or phone connection at the camp we are at… but know that we are GREAT and LOVING where we are, who we are with, and what we’re getting to do. There is so much to tell — where to begin?

1. Our luggage arrived!! We are SO thankful and take nothing for granted now. It was the sweetest reminder that we really don’t need a lot of the things that we think we need… we didn’t have anything but our carry-ons for the first night and day, and we were just fine. We actually loved the simplicity of it — and many of us have been learning a lot about the joy of simplistic living…. AND we’re learning it’s all over Scripture…. therefore life-change is happening.

2. We’ve already had one session of camp – from Wednesday to Friday. We had around 45, 7-9 year olds. The children heard about camp because our Honduran friends have gone door-to-door for the past 3 months, asking children to come to camp. We fell in love with the kids — THE MOST PRECIOUS (pictures to come, we promise!) KIDS, EVER! We really struggled communicating with them at first, and have often felt useless because we can’t talk to them as we’d like and because they get frustrated with us because we don’t understand them, HOWEVER, God is STILL good and has shown us through their responses and through the testimonies of the Honduran counselors that they learned a lot about Jesus, had a GREAT time at camp, and that God IS moving in their lives. We have been humbled by the testimonies of the kids’ life stories and are honored by the fact our HOLY God uses us for HIS Kingdom work in them. Sure, we are teaching the counselors a lot about Christian camping, but more than anything we are being transformed by the Spirit — KNOW that your prayers and support are being felt here and that God is moving MIGHTILY. We can see JOY in the children’s faces… especially in the kids who weren’t very excited about being there at the beginning, but then within 2.5 days were JUMPING and smiling, ear-t0-ear when they’d see us. We are so humbled and thankful to be here and being used. Also, since a lot of the kids aren’t “churched” kids, they had never heard about Jesus… but through the Hondurans’ teaching and the Spirit’s way of calling people to Himself, and GLORY TO THE FATHER, MANY of them came to know Jesus in the past two days — the Holy Spirit is moving and eternity for many kids is being CHANGED!! Glory glory glory!!

4. Our team is seeing how sweet community is — we love being together! We have laughed since our bus ride from Tyler to Dallas… and ever since then! Thankfully we have all stayed healthy, minus a few stomach issues… but we’ve connected that to food differences )…Know though that the food, even CAMP food, has been INCREDIBLE. Homemade EVERYTHING!! It’s delicious!! Keep praying for healthy bodies and focused minds, not being distracted by things at home.

… Oh I’m so sorry — we must be leaving the church, and church is were the Internet is at — more to come tomorrow hopefully! Ps, we’re taking a ‘rest day’ tomorrow, and our sweet Honduran friends are taking us to THE BEACH!!! (potentially GREAT pictures of that to follow! Yiipppeeee!!)

we love you all, and are SO THANKFUL to you and for you! Adios!!

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