Friday, January 14, 2011

Last full-day of camp...soaking it up!

last full-day of camp… soaking it up!

11 Jan

Hola and Happy Tuesday!

Wow, today has been an INCREDIBLE day – SO full of the Spirit and of SWEET SWEET time with the kids! It was our last full day here at camp, tomorrow (Wednesday) the kids leave at 1:00ish and we’ll leave in the later afternoon. We have been trying our best to be faithful processors of all that God is doing here – processing individually, seeking God’s Word, praying, and talking with eachother, and are excited for the time we’ll have tomorrow afternoon to process more…. But we are so so sad to think that these kids are leaving! It has been AWEsome to see how quickly and strong God has formed relationships with the campers and staff – solely of the Spirit! We are SO excited to tell you about how specifically God is dealing with us and revealing Himself to us. Our faith is being strengthened and our trust in Him is only growing…. Glory to HIM!

Today at breakfast one of the Honduran leaders thought it would be good to have the boys serve the girls breakfast – teaching a tangible way to have a servant’s heart to the campers. Elizabeth gave the morning devo to the kids after breakfast, and had already planned to talk about having a Phil2/Christ-like heart of servant hood – coincident? We think not! God is soo good in the way He orchestrates things! Then post-talk, Jeff lead a purposeful time of competition… girl vs. guys trash run… basura run here in Honduras J We had all the campers split up, guys and girls, and run around camp for 10 minutes to see who could pick up as much trash as possible – a way to give back and serve the camp. Maybe a small step in stewardship and Christ-like service… but baby steps are good! Our staff has had sweet time together in prayer with other Honduran staff, with each other, and over the camp and campers today – we are learning SO much about the power of prayer! We ended the morning by playing in el rio (the river) here at camp, and were all thrown in by the campers by the end of it – hilarious to see these kids carry the guys into the river!! We then had lunch down at the river… SO FUN! We got to cook our lunch over the fires… ham, cheese and beef – the kids LOVED it!! We enjoyed activity classes today too! Girls did archery, boys ventured in the world of orienteering, and we’ll switch activities tomorrow! Now it’s club/worship time, then we’re off to the ampitheatre to hear Chance’s talk, and then show the kids that when they are following Jesus, they are lights to the world (it’s glow stick time!)

Please pray for new Jesus-followers tonight… that these children would see the truth of the Gospel of JESUS as the Spirit calls them to Himself. Please pray for God’s protection as the campers, and as we, travel tomorrow. For our debrief time with our staff and the nationals, for our last night in the host homes in Cofradia, and whatever else the Spirit leads you to pray! We are DEEPLY thankful to you for walking with us as we’re here!! We love you each VERY much!

because of JESUS alone,
the woods honduras team

ps, here are a few pictures… they stopped uploading at 3… hahaha more to come tomorrow (hopefully!) when we’re back in Cofradia )

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